Best gadgets for your Android Smart phone

Best gadgets for your Android Smart phone

You have a smart phone but is it really smart? Majority of people only use their smartphones for internet browsing and using social networks.

Children basically love smart-phones to play games and many people make use of them for creating memes and uploading photos on Instagram.

Not many people use their phones for doing much more intelligent usage of it. However, smart phones are very small devices that can be very helpful in your daily life routine for many purposes.

You can do many amazing things from them like booking air tickets, shopping, location tracking and business calls as well.

In this article we will share 4 Android gadgets with you that will make your phone much more smarter. Take a look:


Use tod to track location of your child, pet or even your car. Todd sends direct notifications via text messages or emails to your phone if they make an unscheduled departure from your home. It costs about $32 on iPhone but It’s really a helpful gadget.

Viper SmartStart

Viper Smart Start makes it easy for you to do your daily task with the help of your phone – it’s like a remote key they can do lots of stuff for you like honking the car, locking the doors and releasing the trunk just with your smart phone.

Viper Smart Start also notified you about your car status to ensure it is safely present where it should be. It costs about $149-$399 depending on the amount of features you need.


If you are one of those who have a habit of loosing keys, then Hone is a perfect solution for you. Hone is a Bluetooth based device for iPods and iPhones to help you find your key.

The setup is very easy, you will just need to tie the device to your key and press the “Find button”. The device will then starts lighting up and indicate the position of the key through a sound. Hone is for $49 for iPhone and iPod users.

Use these Android gadgets on these new Android phones.


Geode has the ability to convert all your cards into digital information either they are your debit cards, loyalty cards, membership card or any type of cards.

You can then later use that info to use the cards, just transfer the card information to the provided Geode card temporarily and the flick to activate the card, let’s say your debit card, now swipe it through the terminal as normal and you will get your slip paid shortly.

It costs $159 but still it’s a great gadget since you can also store your barcodes like your loyalty cards and display it at the back of Geode for scanning.


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